Supervisor Breed’s Affordable Housing Record

When District 5 Supervisor London Breed announced her mayoral candidacy, Affordable Divis members knew they had to act to speak on Breed’s record on affordable housing on Divisadero.

– In 2015 Breed upzoned Divisadero and Fillmore without community input, and without increasing affordability requirements, then refused to rescind her legislation after District 5 residents requested it

– In 2016 she promised to increase affordable rates on Divisadero and Fillmore to 23%, but has failed to fulfill the promise

– In 2017 after Prop C increased the requirement to 25%, Breed worked with Supervisors Tang and Safai on a proposal that would have reduce affordable housing requirements to a mere 6% for low-income residents

– In 2017 Breed tried to include Divisadero in HOME-SF, despite no other upzoned district being included

– In 2017 neighborhood activists demanded that Divisadero be treated like all other upzoned districts and successfully were able to have Divisadero and Fillmore corridors included in a study to determine the feasibility of additional affordable housing

– Breed promised a housing blueprint for D5, a key promise throughout her campaign for re-election; over two years later, nothing has been released.