650 Divisadero

650 Divisadero at Grove proposal – 66 units of housing

Hearing Date:  Thursday, Nov. 8, 2:30PM
at City Hall Room 400

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ACTION:  Send an email (click this link or see below) to the Planning Commission by Thursday, November 8:  Stop ignoring our community!

It’s time to show up for Divisadero.  Tell the Planning Commission that they must stop ignoring our community!

Enough is Enough
The developer of 650 Divisadero plans to build 80% of the units as market rate units, which in today’s San Francisco, means totally unaffordable to most neighborhood residents.

When this project was proposed in 2015, it was only going to provide 9 units of affordable housing out of 66 units.  Thanks to our advocacy, the project will now likely include at least 20% affordable, but that is still not enough.

The Community Has Spoken
Affordable Divis wants as much affordable housing as possible in our neighborhood. The Divisadero Community Plan calls for projects to include 50% of the units to be affordable. We would like to see more projects with 100% affordable housing.  Our petition for 33%  affordable was signed by Affordable Divis, ASNA, HANC, and over 300 neighbors.

Legislation is finally moving forward at the Board of Supervisors to raise affordability rates on Divisadero.  Affordable Divis has asked for amendments to strengthen this legislation.  It goes to the full Board of Supervisors on November 13.

Tell the Planning Commission: Continue this hearing until the Divisadero legislation is finalized.

  1. Send an email (click this link or see below) to the Planning Commission by Thursday, November 8: Stop ignoring our community!
  2. Share our link on social media and ask friends to contact the Planning Commission.
  3. Attend the hearing on Thursday, November 8, 2018 at City Hall Room 400 at 2 PM.  Tell the commissioners to stop ignoring our community and to continue the hearing!

650 Divisadero Hearing at Planning Commission
Thursday, November 8, 2018

City Hall, Room 400, 2 PM – 4 PM
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Send an email to the Planning Commission:

planning@rodneyfong.com, dennis.richards@sfgov.org, joel.koppel@sfgov.org, kathrin.moore@sfgov.org, milicent.johnson@sfgov.org, myrna.melgar@sfgov.org, richhillissf@yahoo.com, christopher.may@sfgov.org, commissions.secretary@sfgov.org, affordabledivis@gmail.com

Subject Line: Continue the hearing for 650 Divisadero

Planning Commission,

We support affordable housing for our neighborhood, done right.

Continue the hearing for 650 Divisadero until the community’s concerns are addressed in the affordability legislation proposed for Divisadero NCT and Fillmore NCT, which goes to the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, November 13th.

Stop ignoring our community!  Continue the hearing for 650 Divisadero.

Thank you,

Your name



650 Divisadero started as a 16-unit proposal, a development that included refurbishing the the 1920s building facade and for adaptive reuse. After Supervisor London Breed rezoned Divisadero and Fillmore as NCTs, 650 Divisadero re-submitted their plans to go from 16 to 66 units. They now want to demolish the entire existing building.

650 Divisadero before Divisadero upzoning


Our Demand:  Include more on-site affordable housing in exchange for taking advantage of the density giveaway from the 2015 rezoning.

Affordable Divis has now waited over two years for a higher affordable housing requirement for 650 Divisadero.  When Supervisor Breed refused to rescind her NCT legislation, Affordable Divis responded by holding community meetings and a neighborhood forum in December 2015 to create the Divisadero Community Plan.

In 2014, Mayor Ed Lee pledged to build 30,000 homes, of which half would be affordable. According to the Mayor’s Office:

“In 2014, Mayor Lee pledged to construct 30,000 new and rehabilitated homes throughout the City by 2020, with half available to low, working and middle income San Franciscans. San Francisco is well on track towards those goals. Since announcing his Housing Plan in January 2014, over 17,100 units have been built or completely rehabilitated, with over 6,100 of those units permanently affordable to low and moderate income San Franciscans.”

The Divisadero Community Plan also calls for half of the new housing units on Divisadero Street to be affordable.  In the absence of any additional affordable housing requirement for 650 Divisadero, Affordable Divis requests that the project meet the Affordable Housing requirement of the Divisadero Community Plan.

Timeline for 650 Divisadero (PDF)

Timeline for 650 Divisadero (1)

Community Letter to 650 Divisadero – 3-6-2018