No CorePower Yoga on Divis

On September 6, the Planning Commission voted to disapprove CorePower Yoga on Divisadero.

Core Power Yoga won’t take NO for an answer… 

This corporate national chain is trying to find ways to move into Divisadero anyway!  This type of response is exactly the reason the community opposes this national corporate chain in our neighborhood!  They do not share our values of:

  • Inclusivity and Diversity
  • Community and Integrity

Community Voice
In the Divisadero Merchants Association survey, the community voted overwhelmingly in opposition to CorePower Yoga on Divis:  Over 60% Opposed Instead of accepting the verdict of the Planning Commission and the community, CorePower Yoga is trying to move into Divisadero anyway.  

CPY has an agressive expansion plan in San Francisco.  They already have six locations, and will open their 7th at Duboce and Church (less than 1 mile from Divisadero).  We have many nearby local yoga studios between these two locations, at risk of displacement.

Please help us say No to CorePower Yoga on Divis!

Oppose Core Power Yoga – Join Us!

1.  Send an email (click this link) to the Planning Commission by October 11: The community opposes CorePower Yoga on Divisadero.*  If the link doesn’t work for you please copy and paste from the Sample Email below.

2. Attend the hearing on Thursday, October 11, 2018 at City Hall Room 400 at 3-5PM.  Tell the commissioners please vote to disapprove CorePower Yoga on Divisadero.


Sample Email


Dear Planning Commission,

I am a neighbor concerned with the proposed CorePower Yoga on Divisadero.

CorePower Yoga does not reflect the values of our community.  We want a community-oriented business with integrity, one that values diversity and inclusion.

CorePower Yoga has a history of employee issues:

  • Low pay for their workforce that is 85% women.
  • Labor issues including settlement for backwages and minimum wage
  • $189 per month membership is unaffordable to our diverse community
  • We want a business where we will feel welcome!

We don’t need or want this chain in our neighborhood.  The community says NO to CorePower Yoga on Divisadero.  It is neither necessary or desirable for this neighborhood!

Thank you,

Your Name

Why We are Opposed to CorePower Yoga

“I would also be fighting this chain if it was trying to move into my neighborhood.”

IMG_8944Labor and Employee issues
Consistent criticism of CPY includes concerns about poor employee pay, lack of leadership, poor communication, inconsistent business practices, inadequate training and treatment of employees as disposable.

Former and current employees are concerned about CPY putting corporate profits ahead of employee and customer well being.

Teachers are pressured to pay for and take teacher training classes with little hope of benefit in the form of career advancement.

Gender gap in salaries

  • 85% of employees are female. Average pay range: $20,426-$47,166
  • 15% of employees are male. Average pay: $130,000

Labor and wage disputes

CorePower Yoga has been in various labor and employee disputes, showing a lack of integrity.

“They require instructors to work many hours off the clock, including prep time spent building class sequences, playlists, contacting students to sign up for programs, etc. Managment refuses to allow employees to clock these hours for payment.”

CorePower Yoga Pays $1.4M in Class-Action Lawsuit
Oct 30, 2017 

CorePower Yoga LLC has agreed to pay $1,400,000 to settle a class-action lawsuit brought by non-exempt/hourly yoga instructors, interns and teachers who claim they were not properly compensated for time they spent outside of the yoga studio on tasks related to their yoga instruction duties….

CorePower Yoga Minimum Wage Settlement Set at $1.65 Million
Mar 13, 2017

U.S. Magistrate Judge Maria-Elena James gave preliminary approval to a CorePower Yoga minimum wage settlement in mid-February….

“$189/month membership – or clean the floors for a discount?…”

Yogis Breathe Deep Sigh of Relief Over $1.65M Unpaid Wage Settlement
Dec 30, 2016 –