400 Divisadero

400-divisadero400 Divisadero is proposed for the corner of Divisadero Street and Oak Street, currently the site of the Shell gas station and Touchless Car Wash.

Developer presented 400 Divisadero to Affordable Divis
Monday, March 26, 2018

No commitments were made to affordable housing.

The proposed new building would be 6 stories and contain a total of 177 dwelling units (80 studio units, 24 one-bedroom units, and 73 two-bedroom units). A parking garage would contain 72 parking spaces in stackers and 3 additional individual parking spaces.


Image from the 400 Divisadero Application.

The project as proposed currently does not meet the zoning requirements.  This means they need a “conditional use authorization” — they can build only with conditions.  A conditional use is granted when the project can demonstrate it is necessary or desirable for the neighborhood.

Five Conditional Use Authorizations are required for the Project:

1. Residential Demolition

2. Lot Size Exceeding 9,999 Square Feet

3.  Conditional Use Authorization is required to permit up to one unit per 1,000 square feet of lot area in the RH-3 district;

4. Bulk Exception – Conditional Use Authorization is required for any deviations from the bulk limits prescribed in the Planning Code for the portion of the site located in the 65-A Height And Bulk District; and

5. Conversion of Automotive Service Station

Additionally, a Rear Yard Modification is required for the configuration of the rear yard located in the portion of the Project Site zoned Divisadero NCT.