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Screenshot (128)Since 2015, we have been organizing to fix the upzoning legislation on Divisadero. Now, State Senator Scott Wiener wants to upzone the entire city of San Francisco — actually, the entire state of California.

1) Email Supervisors by April 3rd  (click this link to send an email)
2) Come to the rally on steps of City Hall (Polk Street entrance), April 3rd at noon (RSVP on Facebook)

Dear Supervisors,

The community opposes SB 827 – it has no protections for low income communities. SB 827 encourages the removal of existing affordable housing in order to build taller, higher-cost housing. Building large quantities of high-cost housing will not make housing affordable. Only government-subsidized housing will provide housing for residents with low, very low, and extremely low incomes, but SB 827 does not require any amount of below-market rate housing.

Please do not buy into this developer giveaway.  Our community needs you to oppose SB 827.

Thank you,



Senate Bill 827 (proposed by State Senator Scott Wiener) is statewide, one-size-fits-all approach to add more housing along “transit routes.”  (Note: this includes anywhere near a Muni bus line — basically all of San Francisco).

It’s a deeply flawed bill and amendments won’t fix it, they only create loopholes.  San Francisco is already doing more than most cities to provide additional housing both at market and affordable rates, yet the City will be disproportionally impacted with 96% of San Francisco parcels up-zoned to allow big, tall luxury apartment and condo complexes.
If passed, Senate Bill 827 would:

  • Remove present height controls 
  • Remove density restrictions
  • Remove minimum parking requirements
  • Take away your voice in neighborhood planning

If passed, Senate Bill 827 additionally would:

  • NOT protect renters who will be removed by Ellis Act and payoffs.
  • NOT provide any additional affordable housing.
  • NOT provide for needed infrastructure to support new units.
  • NOT provide for added demand for public safety services.

Help us fight this proposal! Contact the Board of Supervisors, your legislators, and tell your family and friends throughout California!


June 5, 2018 San Francisco Election:  YES ON F!
SF Right To Counsel – No Eviction Without Representation

Join the cause! Get involved with, San Francisco’s No Eviction Without Representation legislation proposed for the ballot in 2018.

We are gathering signatures to qualify for the next ballot.  Join the Facebook page to get more information on how to get involved.


Housing Imbalance


San Francisco’s 2022 housing goals for low income, middle income, and high income households are shown above.  The City has met its goal twice over for market rate housing, but struggles to build sufficient low- and middle-income housing.