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September 2018 Update:  Thank you for taking action in March.  The developer postponed his project hearing until Thursday, September 27.

We will be attending the D5 Housing meeting on Monday, September 17, held by Supervisor Vallie Brown.  Stay tuned as we learn more and mobilize for the hearing!


March Action

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Email the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors

We Oppose 650 Divisadero – Not Enough On-Site Affordable Housing

Dear Planning Commission,

I am opposed to the project at 650 Divisadero as proposed for the following reasons:

  • 9 units of low-income housing out of 66 is not enough.
  • This project started at 16 units before Divisadero was rezoned, and while it gained 50 units, there was no increase in the rate of required on-site affordable housing.
  • San Francisco has already approved more than 200% of the market rate housing goal for 2022.
  • This project is therefore neither necessary nor desirable.

As a Conditional Use project,the project developer must demonstrate that the project is necessary or desirable to get approval from the Planning Commission.  The project as proposed:

  • does not meet the community’s affordable housing requirements,
  • does not meet current zoning requirements for Divisadero
  • exceeds bulk limits
  • exceeds 10,000 square feet
  • requires a rear yard variance for not meeting the setback requirement for rear yards

Please do not grant this project approval when it clearly does not respect our community’s needs or current guidelines for development.

Thank you,